Tony with Dr Candino
Tony with Dr Candino

Ok, I’m biased. I love my chiropractors. Here’s why: I’m almost always pain free. Now, if you’ve ever herniated a disk or pinched a nerve, then you know exactly how heavenly it is if you are fortunate enough to get almost completely out of pain. If you’ve never experienced such a thing, then consider yourself lucky,

My favorite chiropractors on the planet are Dr Peter Lope and Dr Kevin Candino of Marlboro, NJ. I’ve been to MANY chiropractors throughout the years and no one – I repeat, NO ONE – has been able to relieve my pain the way these fine men have done. It didn’t mean much to me that Dr Lope won Chiropractor of the Year or that he is asked to speak around the world. Nor was I impressed that Dr Candino mentored underneath Dr Lope for the past 15 plus years. No, I didn’t really care about all that until I found out how much they cared about people. They studied me and my unique problems, they gave careful consideration to a course of treatment and how they got me out of pain. They evaluate me every time I come in and adjust accordingly. I’ve never had the same exact adjustment twice.

Over the years these fine Drs have become close family friends. Not just because they care for myself, my wife and my kids, but because they truly are caring people. I’ll go a bit more into how my wife met Dr Lope at a health food store and how they began working together (oh, my wife is a neuromuscular massage therapist). What a couple of great human beings and exceptional health care providers. Give them a visit at

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