I can definitely feel myself getting stronger. My pants are feeling a little looser, though my weight hasn’t budged! I’m ok with that for now, but I really have to get in a better place with my food. Tony convinced me that I need to up my protein intake which makes sense. I am using My Fitness Pal pretty regularly. I am the person that hates logging my food, I always have! I have read over and over that it is key to reach your goals but I could never make myself do it. Now that I am eating differently I need to monitor my protein, carbs and fat and this has helped tremendously. I am finding fats creeping in everywhere and have to be really mindful to avoid going over my limit. I am having a hard time getting in all of the daily protein and have been supplementing with shakes and bars. It still is hard for me to consume so much food, I sometimes feel like I can’t take another bite! I also am struggling with lean protein – I love meat – pork and beef, but lots of fat in some of the cuts. I am opting for the leaner cuts, but must say, not enjoying them as much. So my food journey is the hardest thing for me and I still hate logging!

I am working out everyday with Tony’s home routines and adding in some videos of strength training, HIT, cardio, etc. I am waiting to actually look in the mirror and see a change – that is what is keeping me going. Not seeing it yet, but I know it takes time.

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