5 Ways to Boost Your Mood

5 Ways to Boost Your Mood

5 Ways to Boost Your Mood

Let’s remember that we cannot change the situation, we however can control our response to the situation. Here we lay out 5 Ways to Boost Your Mood that can also aid our community.

1. Lay Out Your Clothes the Night Before

“Dress the Part”, a phrase that means to dress for the occasion of your activity. These days the part is staying home and the outfit of choice are pajama’s you own. A change in outfit will be a great boost to your mood. It can be a simple outfit like leggings and a sweater or jeans and your favorite t-shirt. It’ll feel great to be confident in your appearance and give some sense of normalcy of having to think about what you’ll be wearing the next day.

2. Plan a Physical Activity

When exercising your body releases chemicals that boost your mood, reduce stress and help you relax. Check the weather and see what workouts can be done outside like going for a walk or run. You may even consider working with a Qualified Personal Trainer (virtually, of course!) to help you work out safely at home. This is also a popular way for you to feel better and have an activity to perform with the entire family!

3. Write Down a Personal and Professional Goal for The Next Day

Each morning write down a goal that you want to accomplish for work and for yourself. For personal it could be something minimal such as doing a load of laundry or writing your grocery list. For work write down things that need to be done that day. You’ll feel a sense of accomplishment when crossing off these items from the lists.

4. Set the Day Expectations

Prioritize what needs to be done that day and write it down. You are going to want to accomplish everything but have realistic expectations and understand that not everything can be done in one day. Accomplish what you can each day and be proud of those accomplishments. Set the tone each day that you are doing your best and doing great.

5. Allow Yourself to Indulge a Little

It’s very important to do things that you enjoy as well and to not forget to still live a little each day. Most of your day is working at your job, keeping up with your home and family and taking care of you body to be healthy. All these things can feel like chores and things that need to be done so focus on somethings that you want to do. So indulge with a glass of wine, a piece of cake or watching that reality TV show that you secretly love

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