5 Simple Tips to Keep Your New Year Resolutions – For Real!

5 Simple Tips to Keep Your New Year Resolutions – For Real!

New Year, New You? Blech! Keep Your Resolutions off my lawn!

The New Year represents new possibilities, which makes it the perfect time to make life changes for the better! Resolutions come in many forms career, weight loss, self love….. 

Here are a few tips for keeping you on track and reaching your goals!

  1. Plan It
    You need a plan! No matter how committed you are to achieving your resolutions, writing down a plan and breaking it down into achievable goals will keep you on track. Set a large goal: for example maybe want to lose 50 pounds. Break this goal into smaller steps which would include exercising, eating healthy, getting enough sleep, meal prepping etc. Don’t focus on losing 50 pounds. Instead focus on exercising 3-4 days per week week, eating 1 extra serving of vegetables or taking the stairs instead of the elevator. As a result of setting and complying with small, achievable goals, you will continue moving closer toward your larger goal without getting burned out.

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  2. Make it fun
    Your New Year’s Resolutions should not cause you to suffer. If you’re not feeling up to walking into a big gym, then consider hiring a trainer. Have you always wanted to try Zumba? Then get out and try a class. Most gyms offer a free trial for a day or a week. Do you need some help learning correct technique so you don’t hurt yourself? Definitely hire a personal trainer! You have to evaluate your strengths and your weaknesses in order to know your limits. Not everyone has enough motivation to reach their resolutions on their own, so try working out in a small group. A semi private group might be just what you need to make some new friends who have like-minded goals and, therefore, help keep you accountable.

    Make some new friends who have like-minded goals and keep you accountable.

  3. Celebrate you
    Set realistic goals and reward yourself, so that you continue to stay motivated, Maybe you want a massage or a new sports bra or tank top? Set small goals and enjoy the rewards. Now, keep in mind that the reward should be in line with your goal other wise you’ll just be shooting yourself in the foot. For example: if your goal is to lose weight, then do not make food your reward. Leave that piece of cheesecake at the store. Instead, set an appropriate reward system. For example: If you made it to the gym three times this week and logged your food for every meal this week, then reward yourself with a nice hot bath complete with candles, essential oils and a scrub! You deserve it!

    Reward yourself with a nice hot bath complete with candles, essential oils and a scrub!

  4. Be nice to yourself
    We all screw up! Life is about moderation. If you eat off your diet or you skip a few workouts don’t throw in the towel. Just pick yourself up and start again.
  5. Keep on keeping on
    Remember why you started. Do you want to get stronger? Fit in your favorite jeans? Do you want your knees to stop aching? Live a healthy, vibrant life? When the going gets tough just remember how excited you were to achieve these goals when you first set them. Now picture yourself a year from today accomplishing so much and feeling amazing! Keep your eye on the prize in order to stay strong. And enjoy all the bumps and twists and turns and triumphs along the way! ❤️

Finally, picture yourself a year from today accomplishing all your goals.

Yours in Health,
Melissa (aka Tony’s Wife) Bianchino

Save the New Year Resolutions for everyone else and get use that extra energy to plan your next big successes life. Let 2020 be the year of your most Clearest Vision Ever!

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