15 Foods You Must Eat If You’re Over 40

15 Foods You Must Eat If You’re Over 40

The 15 foods EVERYONE over 40 should be eating! Why did these foods top the list? As we get older, our body works VERY differently!! It sucks!! BUT we can help ourselves out with a few tricks! 

Hitting the Metabolic Wall

When we’re younger our bodies can handle some of the negative lifestyle choices we make a lot better than when we are older. There’s lots of reasons why this is true, but suffice to say it’s simply the aging process. In addition, once we enter our 40’s our metabolisms hit the wall. Blame it on hormones, declining muscle mass, or all the years of neglecting our health. No matter the cause, we must all accept that our bodies now respond much differently than they have in the past.

Here’s the skinny on healthy diets

As we age it becomes even more critical to properly nourish our bodies. That means eating a variety of fruits, vegetables, lean meats and yogurts. Unless you have a food allergy or are avoiding food groups for personal reasons, then look to eat a balance of everything. Here are 17 “Health Foods” you’ll want to avoid.

On to the List: 15 foods you should be eating & why! 

  1. Almonds: This one tops the list of 15 foods you should be eating. The popular nut help your body lower cholesterol. High cholesterol is very common in middle aged men and women. Add almonds to yogurt, or grab a few and pop ’em in your mouth :).
  2. Eggs: Eggs contain all 9 essential amino acids which makes them a complete protein. We recommend mixing 1 while egg w a few whites to give you a power protein packed meal. 
  3. Blueberries: Blueberries are jam packed with antioxidants! Blueberries are one of the most nutrient based berries. They are also very low in calories. So eat up!!! 

    What Are The Best Nuts For Fat Loss? Pistachios!

  4. Garlic: Garlic can help lower your blood pressure as well as help you maintain a healthy cholesterol level. Studies suggest garlic can even lower the your risk of dementia! This is a good 15 foods for anyone of any age.
  5. Avocado: Avocados are loaded with good fats. These good fats help keep your body fueled for your workouts, meetings & keeping up w your kids (or pets).  Studies suggest avocados can help prevent osteoporosis and even prevent certain cancers. 
  6. Spinach: Spinach is so low in calories but jam packed with vitamins and minerals. Spinach has lots of fiber which promotes healthy digestion and contains calcium to support your bone heath.
  7. Eggplant: Eggplant is high in flavonoids, flavonoids improve overall health. The skin of the eggplant contains antioxidants that may reduce your risk of developing cognitive disorders as well as help improve your memory. Antioxidants help blood flow more efficiently to your brain which helps with overall health especially cognitive health.
  8. Cinnamon: cinnamon has been shown to help your body reduce blood sugar naturally. As we age we are a greater risk for developing diabetes. If you’re concerned or at risk for developing diabetes consider adding cinnamon to your coffee, oatmeal, smoothies today. Out of the 15 foods, this one has been noted to help manage your insulin.

    Remember: As We Age Our Bodies Forget How to Use Insulin and as a Result We Store More Body Fat. Increase Your Insulin Response by doing Resistance Training!

  9. Watermelon: watermelon consist primarily of water 🙂 it is also packed with mini vitamins and nutrients that you need such as vitamin B6, C, a as well as lots of antioxidants. Watermelon also contains lycopene, this is found in red fruits and helps you maintain good bone health and heart health.
  10. Quinoa: is a complete protein so it’s an excellent substitute for vegetarians or people who are trying to cut back on animal proteins. Quinoa is usually referred to as a grain but it is wheat free. It is an excellent source of calcium, fiber and magnesium. So we can add quinoa to our List of foods that help keep our bones happy. How healthy bones can boost your metabolism
  11. Broccoli: Broccoli is rich with vitamin K which helps boost your immune system as well as lots of vitamin C, potassium and fiber. Potassium is needed to keep our hearts healthy. 

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  12. Beets: Beets contain lots of vitamins and minerals that have been shown to boost weight loss due to its fiber content which greatly improves digestion. Studies suggest beats may also help lower blood pressure.
  13. Olive oil: Olive oil contains plenty of good fats. A measly tablespoon has enough good fats to keep your heart healthy. The healthy fats found in olive oil help lower your bad cholesterol levels which reduce the risk of heart disease. Just be sure to use in moderation since it is high in calories.
  14. Cauliflower: Cauliflower is very high in fiber. Fiber maintains a healthy regular digestive system which is very important as we get older. Cauliflower is also very low in calories. It contains vitamins and minerals such as vitamin K which helps you maintain strong bones throughout adulthood it also helps improve your circulation and memory. 
  15. Black pepper: Black pepper is a spice that stimulates digestion and helps you break food down more easily, this can help promote weight loss. Study suggests black pepper stimulates your brain which is good for cognitive function they also say it may reduce wrinkles! So try sprinkling a little bit on your food before eating.

So try incorporating these 15 foods during the week. And remember 40 is the new 20….. right?!? 

🙂 Melissa

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