5 Reasons to Take That Post Workout Selfie

5 Reasons to Take That Post Workout Selfie

Out Run Your Fork Personal Trainer Westfield, NJ post workout selfieA Post Workout Selfie? We’ve all seen them. The serial selfie-taker joyfully sharing their life with the world!

Turns out that taking (and sharing) your post workout selfie can have a big impact on reaching your fitness goals. Here’s why:

  1. It Increases Your Accountability: Posting a photo after completing your workout creates a definitive pattern and journal of your workouts for the world to see. You can tag your personal trainer or workout partner to prove to them that you completed your daily mission!
  2. Show Your Progress and Results: There’s no denying that progress pics show how far you’ve come! Think you’re not getting good enough results? Just check your earlier posts and share them along with your current pics. You’ll be surprised at how far you’ve come. Plus, you’ll also be strongly motivated to work hard and stick to your diet if you know people are expecting to see an updated photo each day!
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  3. It’ll Reward You: Sharing a selfie of you and your personal trainer will make them feel great! After all of your hard work (and theirs), they’ll be proud to be included in a progress pic from you.
  4. It Gives You A Cheerleading Squad of Your Own: Sharing photos of a great workout and progress pics with a group spurs on everyone in that group. On Instagram and Facebook it’s easy to tag your gym in a post in order to build your tribe!
  5. It Can Motivate Others: When someone else is looking at their social media account and thinking about skipping the gym your post might just be the thing that shows them they should get up and do it, too. Plus, your own journey might be just the thing to show people that if you can do it, then they can do it, too!

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