-by Tony Bianchino

Ever been frustrated by a diet or workout plan? I have. What about a program for normal people…people like me?

Tired of experts who tell you you need to workout 5 days per week, only eat lean protein and steamed broccoli? Pizza? Heaven forbid! Never ever ever under any circumstances should you eat anything containing sugar. Forget desserts. Desserts are for losers….

Come on. Really? You mean I’ll fail if I eat just a bit off my tasteless diet of cardboard and super low calories? If I eat another boiled chicken breast I think I’ll hurl. What if i don’t want to be starving all the time? Or what about my busy season? I’m lucky I get a bathroom break during the course of 6 hours and you want me to sit and eat a meal every two hours? Or drink some crappy shake while I hear the latest commercial for that new burger joint? This can’t be the only way. There’s gotta be a way for me to win, too!

I’m just like you, but i have a confession to make. I used to be one of those jerks. I ate pounds of plain chicken, rice, and broccoli. I told people it was my way or the highway. I won a bunch of bodybuilding competitions. But who cares?

I’ve come to realize that most people simply aren’t interested in 6-pack abs or molding their entire lives around a fitness program. Most people have busy lives; they just want to look better and feel better. Me included. Now, before I get the hate-mail from the die hard dieters or fitness professionals, please take a deep breath and keep reading.

Who are we to judge what “success” means for everyone? Maybe success means lowering cholesterol. Or dropping one size on the waist. Maybe that’s it. (Don’t worry, for you die hard fans I’ll be posting your information too, but it’ll be a separate blog). For the rest of you that are like me, let’s walk together and get to the meat and potatoes of participating in better living.


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