Our Fitness Programs

Out Run Your Fork Personal Training Will Help You Reach Your Goals

1-on-1 Personal Training

There has never been a better time to get moving. Our Expert Personal Trainers will create Exercise and Fitness Programs that are individually designed for each one of you. Whether you like One to One Personal Training or Small Group Personal Training you’ll get the cutomized help you require to reach your goals.

Small Group Personal Training

Combining the best of both worlds, we are the only personal trainer who maintains 5 people or fewer per trainer! This means anyone can start with any group, regardless of age, experience, or fitness level. We’ll bring you into the fold with the right modifications to ensure you’re getting the most out of every session and avoiding injury. Your results will soar as you lose weight and get strong while having a whole lot of fun!

Custom Nutrition Programming

You’re unique. Nobody else has your taste buds, your busy schedule, your motivation level, your health concerns or your lifestyle. So why follow a diet that is made for everyone else? You deserve a customized Nutrition Plan that works with your unique lifestyle, is sustainable and grows and adapts with you as your life evolves.

Virtual and Online Personal Training +Nutrition

A LIVE Personal Trainer PERSONALLY Guiding You Through The Entire Workout. You will be led through fun and carefully thought-out workouts designed to keep you healthy and injury-free. You’ll have a blast working with your real-life personal trainer on the other end of the video call. No more trying to follow along with pre-recorded or impersonal live classes.
You’ll be treated to fun, always changing activities that maximize your workouts, and maximize your FUN!

Injury Prevention and Post-PT Recovery

Oftentimes, back or knee pain is not indicative of an actual injury–muscle weakness or tightness is often the culprit.
Our trainers are experienced at identifying the root cause of aches and pains and working with a healthcare professional to assess whether it is a true injury, or something that can be fixed through a combination of exercise, stretches and mobility work.

Rehabilitative Massage Therapy

Move freely, with greater range of motion and mobility after one session.
Our therapist sports over 30 years of  specialization in injury prevention and recovery. Whether you’re a runner who needs to loosen up or an office worker with stiffness and soreness, our therapists know exactly where your pain points are and how to fix them.
Other massages help you relax and fall asleep. We help you live a more pain free life by fixing the root cause of your pain.

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