We are constantly inundated with facts about obesity.  What is more important diet or exercise?  Without taking action million of people will suffer from associated consequences. Should we concentrate more on diet or exercise?

Although diet is top priority, recent studies from April 2014 has turned this theory that diet is more important upside down.    Researchers at *Laudabaum U : Obesity Abdominal Obesity, Physical Activity and Caloric Intake in US Adults: 1988-2010. The American Journal of Medicine, April 2014.;  As you would expect the prevalence of obesity increased substantially of these two decades, especially in young Woman 18-39.  Surprisingly, from this study, the caloric intake between these times did not change significantly. However, the proportion of adults leisure inactivity did increase; Women from 19.1% to 51.7 and men, 11.4% to 43.5%.

As a result of these finding, the institute of Medicine has made fitness a top priority at fighting obesity in the U.S.  Research has show that when inactive people get into group fitness; physical activity, significant changes in their body composition happen without changing their diet. Furthermore, when people start exercising they gain more confidence in themselves.  They automatically want to start eating better, they become less depressed, increased energy levels, and finally self-esteem increases from being active,  Making good diet choices follow automatically!

The message we can take away from this study is that physical activity can make a significant difference and the dieting, eating healthier will follow.  If we all get a little more active and start eating better, we can start to make an impact of a very real threat to Global Health.

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