Setting Up A Home Gym On A Budget Revealed By A Personal Trainer

Setting Up A Home Gym On A Budget Revealed By A Personal Trainer

screen-shot-2016-12-12-at-10-58-46-pmSo, you want to work out at home, but are on a tight budget… this personal trainer gives you the definitive guide to help you decide which equipment is essential and which can wait.

But first, a few considerations:

Goals: What are you looking to achieve? If your goal is powerlifting or bodybuilding, then your goals will be very different from someone who wants to lose weight and tone up. Maybe you’re an athlete and need to work on power, speed or skill. Again, totally different set of requirements. Once you’ve written your goal, then you can move to the next step which is deciding where you will make…

Space: Do you have a dedicated space for equipment or do you need to clean up after each use? How big is the area? Will you workout outside? In a park? If you like to workout outside there are a few pieces of highly mobile, easy to tote gear that are essential for any workout. If working out in home, make sure you measure the space you have to use. Be sure to add clearance space for any equipment that may need it. For example, you will need room to maneuver on and around your equipment. Be sure to check the “footprint” and clearance space necessary for cardio equipment as well as any resistance machines.

Plan: If you’re new to working out then consider getting help from a professional trainer. Many trainers will offer in home personal training sessions where they can teach you to work out with the equipment you have in your home. There’s nothing more frustrating than getting a workout plan only to find you don’t have any of the equipment you need to perform that particular workout. Make sure you check credentials such as certifications, insurance coverage, and customer reviews when considering using a trainer.

Best Bets:img_4343

  1. For general workouts I LOVE suspension training systems. TRX is the well known brand name, however there are a few off-brand alternatives that can save you money.
  2. Yoga Ball or Stabili-Balls are extremely versatile. There is a whole range of exercises that can be performed using the ball. I prefer the largest size and one that is rated for over 200 lbs. You can perform many exercises for stabilization, abs, upper body and more!
  3. Kettlebells. I like these even more than dumbbells. I find them more versatile and they work stabilizing muscles a little bit more. I like to have at lease three of varying weight.
  4. Resistance bands are good for increasing dynamic strength and speed. The allow you to add resistance to many exercises without the need to purchase heavier weights.

Still have room in your budget? Ok, now I’m salivating! If you’ve outgrown these items and want to make a real home gym, then you’re ready for bigger toys like barbells, dumbbells, a weight bench and maybe a weight rack.

Congratulations! You now have everything you need to start working out at home. So, why wait? Get yourself set up and get in better shape right in the convenience of your own home.

For more advice feel free to leave a comment below or drop me an email. Make your next workout your best workout!

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