Apple-cider-vinegar-1024x1024Apple Cider Vinegar has received a lot of press lately. It is “reportedly” good for weight-loss, aiding digestion, and even reducing blood sugar.  Weight-loss? Yep, that’s right… “reportedly”. I’ll say it again… reportedly.

But, we’ll get back to that later.

Let’s start and just for fun let’s assume that some of the claims are true. Let’s assume it helps you lose weight. Ok, so where do you start? Do you start by taking a tablespoon first thing in the morning like some “studies” say? Or do you take it only with meals? How many times per day should you take it? For how long? Do you mix it with something or take it straight up?


A quick internet search will come up with hundreds of answers. You’ll also see stories that Melissa McCarthy lost all her weight with Apple Cider Vinegar and Active Forskolin (a product you can buy from an online retailer). Another touts that she lost weight using a particular brand of Garcinia Cambogia (remember that one)? Yet another claims it was “this one simple trick.”

Who do you believe? Remember that word “reportedly?” All that means is one person claimed (reported) something to be true. Chicken little claimed the sky was falling down. I don’t know about you, but that claim turned out not to be true. So, I ask again, who do you believe?

Well, you could try it for yourself and make an almost fatal mistake like my good friend’s dad did: He burped up his little teaspoon of apple cider vinegar and aspirated it. He spent  weeks in the hospital and VERY nearly DIED! Or, you can do what my other friend did (against my cautionary notes) and burn his esophagus simply because he took 1 teaspoon per day for 5 days.

Square_NutritionEven I had a bad experience years ago when I heard that gargling with ACV was antimicrobial and could be used to cure strep throat. I burned my tonsils so bad that I could barely swallow and had to gargle with some sort of lidocaine just to get through the day.

Here’s some FACTS: ACV will reduce eat away the enamel on your teeth fairly quickly. So if you take it, then rinse your mouth quickly with water very well after taking it. It’s also VERY acidic and can exacerbate and gastric disorders like GERD and Acid Reflux.

So, after all that, why not just use it in your food recipes on the few occasions that they call for it? You can then get to business losing weight by eating sensibly and increasing your activity level.

About Tony and Out Run your Fork:

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