By Tony Bianchino

As much as I always say that we teach you to slide the components of health and fitness into your life where they make the most sense, you have to realize that there still remains a level of discipline with which you need to adhere.

Although the average person doesn’t need to eat boiled chicken and broccoli every two hours, it goes without saying that the average person shouldn’t eat a tub of ice cream every night if they want to lose weight. Nor should they have two glasses of wine a day if it puts them over their calorie goal. Guys: yes! One beer can screw your diet if you don’t factor it in correctly.

Am I saying that people can’t eat ice cream, drink wine or beer if they want to lose weight? Of course not. But we need to be sensible.

Here’s where most people slip up:

First, most people simply don’t know what to eat, when they should eat it, nor how much. Second, they don’t realize the importance of exercise (no, cardio is not going to do the job by itself).

Here’s the true subtlety of eating to lose weight:

One serving of peanut butter is only two flat tablespoons. Measuring spoons. Not your serving spoon. Not kinda of flat, but flat. Leveled off. Most people eat more than one serving of peanut butter when they’re making their kids a sandwich. And that’s an extra 200 calories! And One tablespoon of oil is an extra 120 calories. If you’re already at your calorie quota, then that little bit of peanut butter and one tablespoon of oil will cause you to gain unwanted weight – FAST!

Think about it: lick the xtra peanut butter off the spoon and cook with 1 tablespoon of olive oil and you’ve just consumed an extra 320 calories. Do that for 9 days and you’ll gain one pound of fat. Do that for a year and you’ll plump up more than 40 lbs – in just one year!

What?! Yep. That simple. Now, that’s assuming you’re over calorie budget. Plus you have to watch your ratio of carbs, fat and protein. And make sure they are nutrient dense foods. No, Raisin Bran is not a health food.

Confused? Most people are. But there’s good news. It doesn’t have to be confusing. I’m demystifying the whole fitness and nutrition industry. I mean I’m blowing it wide open. You’ll have access to accurate information made simple so that everyone can make better decisions on their health.

And almost all the resources are FREE!

Take a look at this YouTube video that takes the guesswork out of exercising to lose weight. Think it’s running or walking? Think again and watch this 90 second video. Want to know why your blood sugar gets high and how to lower it immediately? We have a short video for that. Have chronic neck pain from working on a computer all day? These three exercises should fix that right away.

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Until next time, feel free to gobble up all of the free resources that keep piling up. It’s my pleasure to offer them to you and to help you live a more healthy, vibrant life!

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