3 Ways To Avoid Overeating This Holiday Season
  1. Drink Plenty of Water
    Water not only helps you feel full (or at least a little less hungry) it also keeps you hydrated. Many times when our bodies are dehydrated it stimulates our hunger response and we seek water from foods. Unfortunately the foods within easy reach during the holidays are usually not the right foods. Next time you’re hungry, reach for a glass of water first.
  2. Don’t Arrive Hungry
    There’s nothing worse than showing up to the party and being hungry when the hors devours make their appearance. We tend to eat greedily when we’re hungry, stuffing our face with cheese and crackers or vegetables and dip (yes you can overeat on dip). I To avoid this, eat a small healthy meal prior to leaving the house. This way you can easily limit yourself to only a few snacks prior to the main dish being served. 
  3. Take Your Time
    It’s a well known fact that it takes your brain a little while before it receives the signals from your belly telling it that you’ve eaten enough. It’s actually the delay between the digestion process and the time it takes for the food to enter your blood stream. By the time you feel full you’ve probably already eaten way past the point of being satisfied. Try slowing down by putting your fork down in between each bite and deliberately waiting 30 seconds to pick it back up. 

These are 3 of the easiest tips you can follow to avoid gaining weight over the holiday season. But, whatever you choose to do, you can always count on us to help you get back on track in the new Year. Have a great Holiday Season Everyone!

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