10 Ways To Stay Cool As The Weather Heats Up

hydrationSummertime is a great time for outdoor activities, but BE CAREFUL not to get too heated up about the heat. Here’s some ways you can stay safe during the hot weather.

  1. Hydrate often: You’ll want to stay hydrated well before a planned activity outdoors and continue hydrating well after .
  2. Be Brief: Shorten up the duration of your workouts. You can even split them up by doing 30 minutes in the morning and 30 minutes in the evening.
  3. Slow Down: Hot weather is not the time to reach a personal best on an event or activity. Be cautious not to overheat and save a little for the cooler weather.
  4. Find A Shady Area: Wooded areas provide shade and also give off a cooling effect. It’s mother nature’s way of balancing the heat of the globe.
  5. Cold Showers: A cold shower can help you cool down quickly after a workout and can even help you recover quicker. But, did you know that taking a cold shower just prior to engaging in physical activity can help keep you cooler longer? Leave your hair wet and even your wicking shirt for a long lasting, cooling effect on your body.
  6. Exercise During The Cooler Part of The Day: To Avoid overheating, try exercising early or late in the day.
  7. Rain: Natures Cool Shower: It’sAs long as you’re practicing safe activities, exercising in the rain can help you avoid the blistering heat of the sun.
  8. Move it Inside: You might want to head indoors on the super hot days to avoid overheating and play it safe. Dehydration and loss of electrolytes caused by overheating is the main cause of heat stroke Play it safe by heading indoors and…
  9. Moisture-wicking clothes: Moisture wicking clothes can help pull the sweat off your skin allowing it to get greater ventilation and increase the cooling effect of perspiration.
  10. Be Prepared: Follow all of the tips above to reduce your risk of overheating!

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