Lose Weight With This One Simple Trick!

Couple staying hydratedI was talking with a good friend the other day and he really got me back to basics.

I’ve been in the Fitness business for years and as most of you know, when you’ve been doing something for a while you tend to forget the fundamentals of getting started. You get so used to the routine that most things become second nature.

Think about it. Many of us have been driving for years and we don’t have to go through the process of changing lanes in our minds. Remember how it was when you first started out and wanted to switch lanes on the highway? There was a mental checklist you’d go through in your head.

  1. Turn on your signal.
  2. Check your mirrors.
  3. Check your blind spot by looking over your shoulder.
  4. If it is safe, change lanes.
  5. Turn off your signal after completing the lane change.

Now, we just do it without thinking. If we were to teach someone how to change lanes, then we’d have to go through this process all over again. And I guarantee we’d miss a step in our teaching simply because we don’t even think about it… we just do it!

Well, this is exactly what happened to me the other day.

As my friend and I were talking he said to me,

“When I help somebody lose weight, the first thing I do is have them start drinking water. I tell them to trade in all their other beverages for water! If their drinking soda, juices or sugary lattes, then this simple switch can easily save them 160 calories or more per day!


That’s huge! In last week’s email we talked about how that can help you lose over 30 lbs each year. If you missed it, don’t worry, you can always read that article here.

Let’s do the math. If one 20 oz bottle of Coke contains 65 grams of sugar or 260 calories. Drink one can per day and you’re taking in an extra 1,820 calories per week! In only 2 weeks that adds up to over 3,500 calories. It takes 3,500 calories to make 1 lb of fat on your body. So, if you cut out the soda, you could cut .5 lbs of fat per week. Fruit Juice, not a whole lot better. Here’s a shocker: Vitamin Water is actually WORSE that Red Bull when it comes to sugar! With a name like Vitamin Water you’d expect it to be healthy… shocker!

What is your favorite beverage? See where is stacks up here with this sugar calculator. I guarantee the visuals will astound you!

So, where’s a good place to start? Say it with me, “Start by cutting out all beverages and just switch to water.” Your body (and waistline) will thank you for it!

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