Boost Your Immune System

Boost Your Immune System

Boost Your Immune System Tip #1

Today we have some good news to celebrate! With a $2 Trillion Dollar Stimulus package seeming imminent we have plenty of reason to look at the bright side of life. A positive outlook and an attitude of gratitude go a long way to keeping you happy and healthy. Many of you are showing gratitude all around by supporting one other and keeping each other to stay physically and mentally strong! There are actions like practicing gratitude and supporting others that can help us be psychologically resilient and there are actions that we can take to stay physically healthy as well. They also help boost your immune system!

And one of those super important things that you can do is to maintain a strong immune system. Fortunately, much of that is regulated by your decisions around nutrition (and stress reduction…we’ll talk about that in a later email).

In other words, what you eat can help keep you healthy in a big way.

So here is a handy infographic that has a snapshot of everything you need to know about the immune system. It is great for education, but it also has some immediately actionable guidelines to make sure you get the essential nutrients to support your immune function


Grab a full copy of this wonderful immunity infographic by the Linus Pauling Institute here

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