How To Choose Right At Home Exercise Program

How To Choose Right At Home Exercise Program

Choosing the Right At Home Exercise Program

If you’re looking to keep healthy while at home, then here are some tips to help you choose the right at home exercise program:

Now more than ever there is an overwhelming number of choices for staying healthy and exercising at home. Gym owners and trainers have flocked to online training as a way of keeping their businesses going during the shutdown. But how do you know which program is right for you?

Consider Your Experience Level

If you’re a seasoned gym-goer then there are plenty of choices fro you to choose from. Chances are you are in pretty good shape and know how to perform most of the exercises already. But, what if you’re fairly new to working out and you want to start an exercise program at home? Or maybe you’ve only used machines at the gym and you’re not sure if you’re doing the new exercises correctly?

Newbie or Those With Injuries

  • Look for a personal trainer led exercise program that hosts only a few people (4-6 at most) where the personal trainer can correct your form and modify workouts for you
  • For folks with injuries it’s critical to make sure your at-home or virtual personal trainer has plenty of experience working with people with injuries and can modify the workout accordingly
  • Additionally, if you have injuries, get a virtual personal trainer who can assess your movement and recommend corrective exercises to avoid further injury
  • Make sure your at home exercise program includes advice on nutrition and supplemental movements such as stretching and mobility work
  • Check out this article here to find out how you can set up a home gym on a budget

Seasoned Veteran

  • Look for an at home exercise at home exercise program that challenges you and can be done with the equipment you already have at home
  • Consider investing in some equipment such as TRX, interchangeable dumbbells and kettlebells

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