7 Healthy and Super Effective Ways to Keep a Steady Rhythm!

7 Healthy and Super Effective Ways to Keep a Steady Rhythm!

7 Healthy and Super Effective Ways to Keep a Steady Rhythm!

Article submitted by Scotch Plains Monetssori School

Keeping a steady Rhythm is tough during times of uncertainty. By now you’ve had every thought from “When is this over?”, “Is this thing really our new normal?”, and “How much longer till bedtime?”

First, take a big breath and realize all this chaos is just right now and not forever. This will get better and we will go back to the normal we all love and know. In the mean time here are some tips to help parents develop a routine and get through this time.

1. Family Morning Routine
When you wake up in the mornings make it a practice to get ready for the day. I get it, not leaving the house you don’t want to change out of your pjs. That’s fine! You can still wash your face, brush your teeth and hair. Small things like this will feel like a refresher and creates clean habits for you and your family.

2. Flexibilty
As adults keeping up with your work load and now the work load of your children is going to be hectic. Please remember it’s not forever and to remain flexible. Prioritize what needs to get done today from what you want to do for the day. Teachers know this personally, they listen to the moods and body language of their class to see how their day will go. The same goes for parents, don’t force everything because things will get done in due time.

3. Family Break Time for Lunch

Everyone needs a least 3 meals a day and kids never turn down food. Remember to take a breather from work and enjoy a nice meal with your family. It doesn’t have to be fancy; it can be a can of soup or reheated pizza from last night. You’ll feel better and more energized with a full belly anyway.

4. Nap Time
As parents’ nap-time is the Holy Grail. It should be at the same time to help keep up with routine. Another thing to remember is that no matter what time it is before nap-time use a softer voice and move slower. It will help calm the child and soothe them so when it comes to lay down their body one is relaxed and easier to fall into Dreamland.

“parents please don’t forget about yourselves as well”

5. Family Dinner
Family dinners look a lot different now, everyone is gathered together with their not being any dance classes to rush to or late nights at the office. This is precious time together and also a teaching moment for the kids. Give them jobs to do, tell your kids to put the plates and silverware out, and help you grab items from the fridge. This is a great time to teach the children to help around the house and learn responsibilities. This will definitely help you, parents, because it will take some things off of your plate. Remember what your parents taught you to be responsible? Now it’s your turn.

6. Child Routine Tips
Children thrive on routine; they like to know what to expect. While it’s difficult in a time where routine and certainty is thrown out the window. Do smalls things like eat 3 meals together, pick out a book together for bedtime, or call loved ones before dinner. The most important thing is to tell your kids what they need to do each day such as their virtual learning or a special task that needs to be done for the house. Kids like to know what is expected from them and what to expect each day.

7. Parent Routine Tips
This article focuses a lot on how to keep routine and healthy habits for children. While that is important, parents please don’t forget about yourselves as well. You focus on providing a sense of security for your children so that they don’t have to feel the worldwide chaos, yet we parents are human and feel all the stress very deeply.”


Either by watching a TV show when the kids are asleep, eating a quiet dessert with your spouse in the later evening, getting up early and doing a workout, or even coloring in the kids coloring books. Coloring can be very therapeutic! Remember you can’t pour from an empty bottle, so please take care of yourself for yourself and for your family.

Parents, you are doing a great job! There is no instruction manual for parenthood and definitely not for times like this. The kids won’t remember the uncertainty, however they are going to remember spending time with Mom and Dad, living rooms that became classrooms and playgrounds and living in the sunshine for daily walks and bike rides. Think positive towards the situation and focus on one good thing it gave you, more quality family time.


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