5 Tips For Running Your First 5k

5 Tips For Running Your First 5k

Running your first 5k is not about setting land speed records.  It is about accomplishing something… seeing it through to completion.  Don’t worry about how fast you run, or even whether you are able to run the entire thing.  Focus on the distance as the only thing that matters.

Here are 5 Tips for Running Your First 5k

  1. Make sure you have good running shoes.  New runners should purchase running shoes that have more cushioning.

  2. Map out what 5km (3.1 miles) looks like.

  3. Perform a dynamic warmup and then stretch lightly

  4. Start with a 5 minute walk, then alternate two rounds of 10 minute runs and 3 minute walks. Make sure you end with a 5 minute cool-down walk and more stretches.  If you can’t run for the full 10 minutes, then run for as long as you can and walk for 3 minutes.  Track your distance for the 36 minute duration, and focus on becoming comfortable with the 10 minute/3 minute routine.  In a few days, start lengthening your running duration by a minute or two, pushing yourself to improve.

  5. Take rest days every 3 days.

Log your pace and share it with us so that we can help get your prepared and improve your speed, if desired.

Fun facts about a 5k

  • 5km is about 3.1 miles.
  • The average human pace is approximately 3 miles per hour
    • Two loops through downtown Westfield (route below) will cover 3.1 miles.
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 Bonus! Maps for local towns charing a 5k so you can get out and get moving!

Here’s a map for:


  • Start at the Town Book Store
  • Go west on E. Broad Street, past Bovellas Bakery.
  • When you arrive at the Westfield Memorial Circle, turn onto South Avenue, heading east.
  • When you arrive at Outta Hand Pizza, turn left and cut through the train station parking lot and underpass, arriving on North Avenue.
  • Head straight up Elm Street, passing Ferraro’s, and turn right on Quimby Street.
  • Next, turn right on Central Avenue, passing the post office.
  • Come up to North Avenue, and walk past the Westfield Diner.
  • Then, Go to St. Paul Street and turn left
  • Turn left on E. Broad Street, and arrive at the Town Book Store!

Have a map for your local area? Post in the comments and you’ll be entered into a drawing to win FREE coaching help to get your first 5k under your belt or a Full Month of Nutrition Coaching!

Tony Bianchino is a Nationally Certified Personal Trainer and Nutrition Specialist

Yours in health,
Tony Bianchino
Tony Bianchino, CEO Out Run Your Fork Personal Training and Nutrition
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