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As soon as you walk in to our facility (or meet with us on Zoom) you'll instantly know what makes us different. No judgements, no ego, no holier-than-thou attitude, no yelling militaristic instructors. Just good ole fun, fitness and family!

We've been helping busy people lose weight, increase energy, get stronger and increase mobility - all without the risk of injury - for over 30 years.

Meet Our Team

New York, New Jersey Personal Trainer and Nutrition Nutritionist

Tony Bianchino

CEO and Founder, Master Personal Trainer, Nutritionist, MBA
I've lived a thousand lives and had so many jarring experiences in life that it makes it easy to put myself in other people's shoes. I think it's my compassion which allows me to care for people at a deeper level so that I can truly help them in every area of their lives. Every time we welcome a new member I smile and say, "Welcome to the Family."

Hobbies: Telling Really Bad Dad Jokes and just being fascinated by everything in life... fishing, woodworking, and cooking, too.

New York, New Jersey Personal Trainer and Nutrition Nutritionist

Melissa Bianchino

Personal Trainer, Nutritionist, TRX Specialist
I've loved fitness my entire life. As a mom of two children (one of whom has autism) I've realized the importance of keeping a balanced life and that includes finding time for exercise and eating simply. One of the most exciting things for me is getting to work with my husband to help others reclaim their health and live their best lives.

Hobbies: Shopping, gardening, being a huge extrovert and forever trying to convince people to do a puzzle with me.

New York, New Jersey Personal Trainer and Nutrition Nutritionist

Ray Taylor

Personal Trainer, Kickboxing Specialist
I discovered fitness almost accidentally as a solution to certain personal challenges. I found myself feeling better than I ever had in my life. Now, I work to share that good feeling with other people as a means to help them overcome some of life's challenges, too.

Hobbies: I love comic books, manga, and anime. I also enjoy combat sports such as MMA and boxing. Wow, I guess that makes me a combative nerd!

New York, New Jersey Personal Trainer and Nutrition Nutritionist in Westfield, NJ

Nora Gallagher

Nutrition Coach
I’ve been a fitness lover my entire life but it wasn’t until I found out I was pregnant with triplets that I became fully aware of the transformative powers of food and proper nutrition. This discovery ultimately lead me to the Institute for Integrative Nutrition where I became certified as a nutrition coach so I could help others on their own nutrition journey. I believe that food really is medicine and I’m excited to help others discover the foods that will leave them feeling their best!


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At Out Run Your Fork we make fitness fun! Our Personal Training and Nutritional Programming are designed with YOU in mind. We cater to each individual and custom tailor every program to fit your specific needs. Whether it's overcoming an injury, lowering your cholesterol or looking for a kick-butt workout we’ve got you covered!

Fully Customized Nutrition Programming we use real science to identify the traits that cause you to gain weight. Your program is then designed according to your busy lifestyle, individual food preferences, and unique genetic profile. It's the perfect combination to help catapult you toward becoming the best you that you can be!

So give us a call to set up your free, no-obligation personal training session or apply above today. We guarantee you'll change the way you feel about working out!


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