Skinny Versions of Your Favorite Summer Drinks

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We all know that alcoholic beverages contain a lot of calories (yes, that includes wine and hard alcohol), but it’s summertime and most of us enjoy a cocktail on a warm summer evening. So, how do we lessen the impact that alcohol has on our weight loss regime? 

Here’s a few tips to make them skinny:

  1. Use flavored seltzers instead of fruit juice or flavored alcohol. 
    You can easily make a Bahama Mama a little easier on your bottom line (get it?) by swapping ingredients. Instead of mixing three types of rum with grenadine, coconut milk and fruit juices try mixing pineapple flavored rum with coconut flavored seltzer and a splash of fruit juices instead. This can cut the calories in half and keep you from immediately sobering up when you step on the scale the next morning.
  2. Make em Mini.
    No one said your cocktails need to be vacation sized every night. You know what I’m talking about. That giant novelty cup they sell you that entitles you to half price refills and gets you laughing harder and telling better jokes that for some reason crush the audience around you like never before. Suddenly, you’re the absolute funniest person at the party and maybe even … the world!

    Well, put down that barge of a glass and get some mini versions for your guests and make it a fun tasting of different drinks. Then, offer a slightly larger version (think mini martini glass) of the drinks your guest likes the best.

  3. Spread Them Out.
    I know, it’s not always easy to slow down your drinking. It’s human nature to get caught up in the fun and find yourself just keeping pace with everyone else. The drinks start flowing and then you find yourself just ordering more without even realizing because they taste so delicious or you’re having so much fun. Or maybe even a combination of the two!

    One sure fire way to keep pace with your friends and still stick to your plan is to add a seltzer or club soda between each alcoholic beverage. You can add a lime wedge or a fruit slice to make it feel more authentic, but you can still feel good knowing you’re sticking to your plan and feeling fulfilled at the same time.

These are some quick tips you can use to keep you on target to lose weight or maintain your health without feeling deprived.

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