The 30 Day Holiday Fitness Plan

The 30 Day Holiday Fitness Plan

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With the Holiday Season in full swing it’s easy to fall out of your fitness routine. For some it’s a very stressful time of year for and for others it’s a time to really let loose. And nothing gets people down like gaining 10-15 lbs during the Holidays.

So, whether you’re busy getting things done or you’re out living it up here is a simple guide to getting you through this time of year without totally blowing your fitness routine.

1. Plan Social Calendar for the Month

Get out your calendar and coordinate with your co-workers, family and friends and schedule out all of the non-movable items for the month. An example of this could be a Holiday Feast at Aunt Bertha’s house or a Holiday Party at work that you really need to attend in order to strengthen your network.

Another non-negotiable event might be your holiday shopping events. If, for example. there is a One Day Only big sale at your favorite store from 5am to 10 am, then you know you won’t be going out for a run or hitting the gym that morning, so you’ll need to recognize that fact.

2. Modify Your Workout Schedule as Needed Each Day

Let’s say you normally exercise after work at 6 pm, but there are a few events taking place at the office or in another town on those same nights. Don’t just scrap your workout plans all together. Instead, create a new plan that keeps you moving. Maybe plan on getting up an hour earlier and getting that workout in the morning. Plan on taking a walk during lunch or before the night’s event.  Go for an extra hike with the family on a weekend. There are plenty of ways to keep to get creative and still stay on track.

3. Don’t Forget Your Nutrition

This time of year brings so many festive events downtown in addition to all of our in-home gatherings and holiday parties where the drinks flow freely and the food just keeps coming. So, how do you enjoy the party without feeling like you’re missing out?

Simply plan it out! Before going out have a small amount of protein or a high fiber snack. Both remain in your digestive tract a lot longer thus keeping you full for when you arrive at the event. It’s easier to limit the number of snacks and finger foods you consume when you’re not famished.

4. Limit Your Alcohol Without Feeling Left Out

If you enjoy a cocktail or two or more, then start with one glass of seltzer, club soda or water before having your first drink. After that you can order your first drink. But before you order a second alcoholic beverage, drink another glass of seltzer, club soda or water. By alternating your alcohol with a healthier alternative you’re likely to drink half as many drinks without feeling like you’re missing out.

By setting (and sticking to) your plan for the next 30 days you’ll be so far ahead of everybody else come January 1.

These simple tips can keep you on track with your health and fitness goals so you can sail into the New Year and celebrate a huge victory right out of the gate. Save the New Year Resolutions for everyone else and get use that extra energy to plan your next big successes life. Let 2020 be the year of your most Clearest Vision Ever!

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