Eating Your Weigh to Lose Weight Part 1

Eating Your Weigh to Lose Weight Part 1

You’ve got to Eat Your Weigh to Lose Weight!

Hey guys Tony from Out Run Your Fork Personal Training and Nutrition. Here’s why you can’t lose weight:

Most times I hear things like, “Tony I don’t understand. I’m not eating a whole lot and I can’t seem to lose weight and anything I eat anything or any time I even look at a piece of cheesecake I gain weight.” As a personal trainer and Nutritionist in Westfield, NJ I can tell you this…Here’s why:

Your Metabolism

First off, realize this: there’s a certain number of calories you need to eat in order to survive. You know, blinking your eyes, breathing, walking. All of that kind of stuff. They takes calories to burn. Right? You burn calories to do that stuff.

So, your survival is a certain level. It’s here. This is what your bases. Let’s say it’s 1200 cal. All right? I don’t know what yours is, but let’s say it’s 1200 calories.

Now, a lot of times people want to lose weight, so what are they do?

They say, “Alright, I’m eating 1200 caloriesl, so what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna drop my calories a bit and I’m gonna eat less.”

And then they wind up eating 1000 cal. Now keep in mind your body still needs this in order to survive. But, remember, the reality is you’ve got to eat your weight to lose weight.

Your Body Freaks Out in Response

So you’re giving at this. Your body freaks out! It says

“Oh my God I’m gonna die! “ 

Your body’s number one priority is to survive, right? And to perpetuate the species and all that stuff, right?

So, if you’re eating only 1,000 calories, but your body needs 1,00 calories in order to survive, then your body is going to flip out!

And what is it going do? It’s going to say, “Holy crap, I could only 1,000 calories if I’m going to survive! “ 

So, it does it. And how does it do this? It reduces one key thing: muscle.

The Role Of Muscle On Your Metabolism

Muscle is very biologically active. This means that it takes a lot more calories to maintain muscle that it takes to preserve fat. At this point your body is looking to conserve energy and get rid of anything that eats up energy fast. So, now your body eats up muscle in an effort to slow down your metabolism and survive on only 1,000 calories per day.

So now what? After two weeks you stop losing weight. After a month you stop losing weight. And then what? This personal trainer recommends you eat your weight to lose weight, but instead…

You cut the calories again!. Now you’re eating maybe 800 cal. As a personal trainer and nutritionist in Westfield, NJ near me I’ve seen this with people so many times…

So what does your body do? It freaks out! Over the course of two weeks it does what? It decreases even more muscle and it brings that down in order so you could survive on 800 cal. 

Now: you’re surviving at 800 cal. If you get hungry, you go to a party, you go to do something… if you even look at something you’re not supposed to look at then you all of a sudden you weight. Why? Your body is burning 800 calories and you just gave it 1000 cal. 1200 cal. 1400 calories in that one evening!

What happens? Your body says, “Oh my God! I don’t know if I’m gonna get fed again! “

And it takes all that food and put it in its pockets for later. The pockets that your body puts it in or you’re fat storage. So it saves that for later. So that’s why you bloat, you gain weight, finger snaps 2 pounds right away. 5 pounds right away. “I don’t understand, I’m so frustrated!“

Here’s what you need to do…

If this sounds familiar and you want to know the secret (not really a secret) or learn how to get over it emotionally so that you can rebuild your metabolism, then read on in our next article titled Eat Your Weigh To Lose Weight Part 2

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Tony Bianchino is a Nationally Certified Personal Trainer and Nutrition Specialist

Yours in health,
Tony Bianchino
Tony Bianchino, CEO Out Run Your Fork Personal Training and Nutrition
Out Run Your Fork Personal Training and Nutrition
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