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8 Tips For Choosing the Right Trainer in the New Year

8 Tips For Choosing The Right Trainer in the New Year

By Tony Bianchino, Founder, Out Run Your Fork Personal Training and Nutritionists in Westfield, NJ

I gotta start out by admitting that losing weight can frustrating.

Every year we make resolutions for New Year and this coming year will be no different. But, do we follow through on our promises? It’s a tough question

New Year Resolutions come on strong like a sudden fever. People all over the world make firm commitments to make more money, be a better spouse, get healthier and  lose weight… Problem is, like a fever, the hot flashes fade with time and life gets in the way. Doubt creeps in and suddenly our goal seems so hard to reach and, oh, we’re ok with the way we look. We slowly slip into that coma of complacency and rationalize that we’re supposed to be comfortable with the way we look. Nobody should judge us anyway…

We’ve all been there, but the reality is, we really would like better health. A personal trainer can help you on that journey. But, how do you know which trainer is right for you? What qualifications should a good trainer have? Should they be a man or woman? What are their training philosophies and why? Should they work at a private facility or a large health club?

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These questions can leave us frustrated and often times unhappy with our choice in trainers. But, perk up! Help is on the way. Read On for your definitive guide on choosing the right personal trainer for you.

  1. Private Facility or Large Gym: If you prefer true one to one help without distractions or are not comfortable exercising in front of lots of people, then a private facility may be for you. Otherwise, you may be comfortable at a larger facility or commercial gym. A large gym may also offer more equipment and allow you to workout on your own. A word of caution: Large gyms are more likely to lock you in to a long term contract with cancellation fees and penalties for missed appointments. Also, if your trainer leaves, then you will be reassigned to another trainer at random … and no … you will not be released from your contract if there are no trainers that you like.
  2. Qualifications: A competent personal trainer should have at least one certification from on of the Top 5 Personal Trainer Certification Organizations. This ensures at least some level of competency with human anatomy, kinesiology, methodology and professional interaction. Additional certifications would do well to round out and reinforce what your trainer should know.
  3. Training Methodology: Ask your prospective trainer about their training philosophy. Do they employ only one type of training methodology? Or can they explain how they would tailor your program to your goals and contrast that to someone with other goals? If not, then they probably won’t tailor your program as you progress.
  4. Experience: Your trainer should have experience working with other clients like you. If you’ve had past injuries or have any special considerations, then ask how they have worked with other clients who have similar situations. If they have no experience, then ask how they will work with you based on this special need. If you’re satisfied with the answer, then proceed to the next step. Check out Our Experience here »
  5. Appearance: Do they dress neatly and have good hygene? Are they organized and on time for their appointments? These traits lend themselves to a trainer who will be organized with your programming, show up to your appointments on time and have a watchful eye while you are working out.
  6. Attention to Detail: If you find your potential trainer taking glimpses of themselves in the mirror or allowing their eyes to wander around the gym while you are working together, then you can be sure this is a sign of how UN-attentive they will be throughout your workouts. If you want someone who can correct your exercise form and keep you from injury, then you’ll want to skip on this type of trainer.
  7. Availibilty: Make sure that the trainer you are considering is available at times that work for your schedule. If they are booked solid and only have two days back to back (instead of spread out a bit), then they’ll need to work something else out for you. If they are accommodating, then you might have someone you can work with. Book Your Free No-Obligation Session Today »
  8. Personality: Lastly, and potentially the most important of all, you should make sure that you both hit it off right from that first session. Go with your gut on this one. If the prospective trainer is too serious for you or barks commands when you prefer someone more even keeled, then you should probably look elsewhere. You can always request an appointment with another trainer to try them out.

Remember that when getting professional help you have the right to ask for someone who is the right match for you. Don’t be pressured into working with someone with whom you are not comfortable or you may be stuck with that person for a long time.

When you do find the right trainer, it will be one of the best decisions you’ve ever made. You’ll find, like most people, that you’ll remain with that person for years to come. They most likely will become a great friend or even part of your family!

Yours In Health,

Tony, Owner Out Run Your Fork Personal Training 
Out Run Your Fork Personal Training and Nutrition

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